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2020 release schedule

2020 Quemahoning Releases

May Release on the 16th and 17th has been OK’d, but we may not need it. 7″ of water going over the spillway at the Que and they are calling for rain.  All the local rivers may be running naturally!  Please remember the pandemic is still with us.  Paddling is safe, but please limit the size of groups before and after.  Masks for shuttle rides are a a good idea.  The river is open to paddling and this May looks to be a good month for paddling natural flows.  Enjoy the river, but please be safe.  Hug your boat, not your buddies.

Scheduled Whitewater Releases From Quemahoning Lake have been scheduled and are listed below.  Releases during May and June are highly likely to occur as scheduled (unless maintenance or repairs are needed); releases after the beginning of July are dependent on reservoir levels.  Also note: the maximum flow that a release can provide is 1,350 cfs,  (which is around 3’ at Foustwell, 4.5’ at Ferndale).  If the natural flow is 1,000 cfs, we will ONLY RELEASE additional 350 cfs.   If natural flow is over 1,350 cfs,  there is NO RELEASE.  Any changes in the schedule will be posted here and on our Facebook page ASAP!

Note: If water level at the Quemahoning Reservoir is between 1626.0 and 1626.5 on the Sunday before a planned release, then a release will be made on the following Saturday only; if the water level is greater than 1626.5, then the release will be held on both the following Saturday and Sunday.  And if the level at the Quemahoning Reservoir is below 1626 ft above sea level on the Sunday before the scheduled release: the release is cancelled. This may effect late summer releases.  Watch here for updates. Also, note that on non-release days, the Stony is boatable when the Ferndale Gauge is above 500 cfs.

This is likely accurate.  Again, watch here for any possible changes.

2020 release schedule

April 4-5   Cancelled

April 18-19  Cancelled

May 2-3  Cancelled  

May 16-17  This release has been OK’d! 

Special Occasion May 23, Saturday: Memorial day weekend is on!

May 30-31

June 13-14

June 27-28

July 11-12     

July 25-26

August 8-9

August 22-23

September 5-6

September 19-20  

October 3-4  

October 17-18

Releases:  Scheduled releases will be on Saturdays and Sundays.  Releases start around 7 AM and the river should rise at Faustwell Bridge put-in by 10 AM.  Water should start dropping at Faustwell by 2 PM (each day).  Water should start to rise around 1 PM at Carpenter’s Park.  Note: each release is a 1 hr ramp up, 4 hr full release, and a 1 hr ramp down.

Also: late summer and fall releases are highly dependent on water levels in the reservoir.

Note: Greenhouse Park is not open for camping except for special events.  Camping is available at Quemahoning Reservoir Recreation Area  (this is the closest camping), Camp Harmony (which has both Cabins and Tent & RV Camping), Nanty-Glo Park and at Duman Park.

Also: For anyone using the Hollsopple ball field put-in.  Please be careful where you park.  Do not interfere with the ball field.  Also, please don’t obviously drink beer or change clothes when the ball field is in use.  We are guests and need to maintain good relationships with the good people of Hollsopple.

Please Help: Our club has an ongoing obligation to pay the salary of the personnel that operate the whitewater valve at Quemahoning Reservoir.  Please help us pay for this by making a donation to our Whitewater Valve program through the Community Foundation for the Alleghenies.   When you make a donation through their site, please designate SQI Whitewater for the donation.  This is a tax deductible donation.  Thank you.

water levels

Water Levels effect every aspect of our business.  We are at the mercy of Mother Nature and whitewater releases.  Because of this we can’t make any whitewater guarantees.
We do our best to work with what we get.  This effects our business in many different ways.  Especially when it comes to our whitewater experiences.  When we have the water we need, it is great and we have no limitations.  When the water is low or we do not have a release we have some options:

If to water is too low for a large raft, we can often work with inflatable duckys.  They seem intimidating because you are navigating them yourself.  Have no fear!  We will have someone guiding you every step of the way. 

When the water is even lower in the upper canyon, we offer whitewater tubin’.  This is a fun way to get some more thrills on the upper canyon.  The water is too low for rafts or inflatable kayaks, but are perfect for our whitewater tubes!

Call today to learn more! 

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