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Coal Tubin’ operates on a natural river with natural water flow.  Read below for our water level guidelines.

Water Level

Gage Height: 2.28

We do our best to make our tubin’ experiences as enjoyable as possible, despite what Mother Nature Decides to do.  Check out our water level and then follow these guidelines when coming tubin’:

4.5 ft and above – We do not tube.  It is just too dangerous for our customers. (GREAT LEVELS FOR OUR WHITEWATER ACTIVITIES UPSTREAM)

2.6ft and below – We run the lower section.  You can float down twice for the same price. 

Water level changes the ride for tubers in different ways. Everyone has their favorite level and they are all different. Some like it high and fast while others like it slow and lazy. We’ve found that ideal levels exist between 3.0ft and 4.0ft on the USGS gauge. Avid tubers keep a keen eye on where the Stony’s level is at when they are planning a trip.

enjoy a relaxing day on the river

Current Water Level

  • Streamflow: 89.1 ft³/s
  • Gage height: 2.28 ft
Streamflow GraphGage height Graph


We offer an Adventure for all thrill levels!  See what we have to offer!

SSOn a hot summer day, there is nothing cooler than floating down the scenic Stonycreek River!

River Tubin’ – Relaxing fun on a hot summer day.  Rent a tube from us and we handle the rest.

Whitewater Tubin’ – For those seeking more of a thrill.  This is our river tubin’ on steroids.

Inflatable Kayaking – Great for lower levels in the upper canyon, or those seeking more thrills!

Whitewater Rafting – Adventure in your backyard!

Bike Rentals – Ride some of the country’s most beautiful Rail-to-Trails or beginner wooded trails.  Shuttle Included!

Mountain Shuttle Service – Forget the shuttle cluster, leave the thinking to us! People and equipment shuttles to all area paddling, biking, and hiking destinations!

SPECIAL EVENTS – River Tubin’ Night Float ( with a fireworks display!) and TUBAPALOOZA ( floating crowd musical adventure along the Stonycreek!), Sunset float, and TWO tbd music festivals on campground lands.  Don’t miss these!



We look forward to having you adventure with us.  There is a lot of information on our site.  Please visit the page for the activity you plan on doing.  Then if you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us at any time.

See you on the river!







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