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River Tubin’

Water Level

Gage Height: 2.27

Must be at least 5 years of age to tube! 12 and under require a lifejacket!

Tube Rental Deposit: your car keys, so that we can track who is still on the river and your keys stay safe so you don’t lose them on the river!

Children must be 5 years of age and accompanied by an adult. Life jackets are required for tubers 12 and under and non-swimmers. THERE ARE NO LIFEGUARDS ON DUTY! Please watch your children at all times. We suggest a 1:1 ratio of adults to younger children for their safety.

Footwear that stays on your feet is highly recommended.  Flip flops will most likely be donated to the river.  Water shoes are the best option for a having a good experience at Coal Tubin’.

Above rates include one shuttle, and all day parking. Tube Rentals are good for all day. Additional shuttle trips are $5 per trip/per person.  

Operation times:
Weekdays from 11:30am until 3:30pm. You must be at Coal Tubin’ before 3:30pm.
Weekends and Holidays from 11:30am until 3:30pm
 You must be at Coal Tubin’ before 3:30pm to get on the river that day.

WEEKDAY shuttle times: 11:30,12:30, 1:30, 2:30, 3:30. We recommend arriving at least 15 minutes prior to your preferred shuttle time to give you and your group enough time to check-in and get ready for your trip.  Must check-in at Coal Tubin before 3:30pm, that will be the last shuttle to the drop off point.  

Lifejackets are required for those 12 and under. You can rent one from us for $5.00 or bring your own.

When the river is below 2.9ft we will be running the lower route. It takes about an hour and a half but you can go twice for free, so you get your money’s worth. The water is too low through the middle section, and trust us…you would not enjoy it! This shorter run ensures that the water level is sufficient to make it down with minimal rock obstructions. When the river is above 2.9 ft we will be running the full run, which can take anywhere from an hour to 3 hours depending on water level. Check the release schedule on our homepage. On release dates we will be running the full run from 11:30am – 3:30pm when the water hits. Please Check our Facebook page for the most current updates.  Sometimes releases don’t happen on scheduled dates due to the Que water level.

Check out our FAQ section for more tubin’ questions answered.



We look forward to having you adventure with us.  There is a lot of information on our site.  Please visit the page for the activity you plan on doing.  Then if you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us at any time.

See you on the river!







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